Amazing Online Money Management Apps for Effective Budgeting, Credit & Investing

Amazing Online Money Management Apps for Effective Budgeting, Credit & Investing

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Technology has revolutionized the way we manage our money. Today it is quite easy to constantly keep track of your money. Technology has dramatically changed every aspect of your financial life. Since today people are using technology for efficiently managing financial tasks, they can easily cut down their spending, save their time, and effectively eliminate the tedious activities associated with money management. Cutting-edge tools and software apps boast of wide-ranging capabilities and can reduce the stress associated with money management.

There are numerous ways of watching your investments, spending, and more. As you are always having a mobile phone in your bag or pocket, apps prove to be highly beneficial. The most crucial aspect of effectively managing your finances is to understand and watch your cash flow. One of the critical factors that lead to financial success is to know the exact amount coming into your bank account and where the money is ultimately going.

Fortunately, the market is flooded with efficient online money management apps that are effectively designed for checking your bank balance, tracking spending, and analyzing your overall money habits. Several cutting-edge apps would be assisting you in making enhanced financial decisions depending on the important data collected from your accounts.

Personal Capital: Undoubtedly the Best

Personal Capital is supposed to be a wonderful money management app that would be helping you in effectively tracking your budget and even collect information relating to your investment accounts. The app’s interface is intuitive. Moreover, the visuals or images are easy to find on phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. You could have easy access to investment graphs by asset class, individual investment, or investment account. Thus, Personal Capital helps you in easily managing your portfolio and tracking your overall investment performance. 

However, the budgetary functions of Personal Capital are not so intuitive or effective in comparison to other online money management tools and apps yet you could get your work completed efficiently. The greatest benefit offered by Personal Capital is that all your investments are included in the equation thus, providing you with a holistic idea regarding your entire financial picture.

Yodlee: Simple Account Aggregator

Yodlee is supposed to be comprehensive online financial management software. It is unique in its own right and not a budgeting or cash flow tool. It provides a consolidated outlook of your assets from various accounts like insurance, brokerage, mortgage, 401(1k), etc. It is quite competent in tracking your overall financial health. Yodlee can successfully track the net worth of users and is also great at creating a budget & tracking your overall spending, monitoring online accounts, tracking real estate value, creating accurate expense analysis charts, and helps you in sharing account access with your accountant or spouse, or financial planner.

Users could pay any individual or biller, transfer funds, receive e-bills from more than 2900 institutions, pay all the bills via debit or credit cards, set up direct mobile access, and create transaction alerts. Yodlee is regarded as the most secure and protected money management app online. Despite these apps, if you need some professional assistance and expertise on money matters, you may browse through reputed organization like liberty lending Top Budgeting App

Mint is a phenomenally popular personal finance app. This excellent app comes free and assists you in religiously maintaining the budget created by you, by constantly sending you all the notifications once you have reached the budget limit for the month. Mint assists you in maintaining healthy financial habits. It gives a comprehensive view of your financial scenario.

Mint brings a high-quality product to its users and it helps in analyzing your saving, spending, and financial habits while providing expert recommendations for possible improvements and that may include demonstrating to users the amount they could be saving or earning provided they use a credit card that offers a lower rate of interest. Mint also, offers great saving ideas by purchasing a relatively less costly cable service. It suggests effective ways to earn a higher interest rate from your bank account.

Therefore, Mint has been designed and created predominantly for budgeting and tracking cash flow. It recently acquired the capacity to constantly track investments. Mint comes up with efficient money management tools and apps for iPhone, iPad, or Android platforms.

Wally: Great Budgeting App

As per, Wally is regarded as a stripped-down budgeting application that does not have too many bells and whistles. Here are some of its unique features. Wally is known to support practically all foreign currencies. If your work or lifestyle keeps you perpetually outside the country, you could be immensely benefitted by Wally. It could be of great assistance to you.

Wally lets you save images of receipts for keeping constant track of important things associated with business and taxes without handling any complicated documentation or paperwork. Wally would tell you precisely the amount that you have in your account and the exact amount still left in your budget until the month-end. Wally is incredibly popular with millennials since it provides you with valuable financial information and helps in efficiently managing all your finances online without relying on any paperwork whatsoever.

PocketGuard: Top Online Money Management App

If you need a good money management application online that would also assist you actively in finding savings within your regular spending, you simply need to consider syncing PocketGuard and your accounts for tracking and helping you track and analyze spending. This valuable information is then utilized by you for building a better and robust budget.

FutureAdvisor: Top Investment Recommendation Tool

FutureAdvisor is supposed to be a competent but free online money management app for aggregating your investment accounts. It provides valuable suggestions for reaching your precise financial goals and aspirations.

FutureAdvisor provides a couple of plan levels, premium and free. We understand that the free plan would be giving you access to investment recommendations and portfolio review. Moreover, in the premium plan, we know that FutureAdvisor would be making certain recommendations, for you.

Credit Karma

Credit Karma is great for providing users valuable credit report information. It would help in tracking your credit limits, open lines of credit, inquiries, debt to income ratios, etc. Credit Karma provides users with good recommendations to enhance their credit score.


The online money management tools, apps, and programs would be offering customers different capabilities for tracking their finances. Choose one or more apps as per your unique requirements. Make the most of technology and you would be on the right road to financial stability and success.

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