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The Use of Big Data in Modern Day Web Designing

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Big Data is a primarily used buzzword in business, which has its impact everywhere ranging from administration to marketing and strategy making etc. if you are wondering what big data has to do with web designing, there are certain things to be noted in this too.

About the impact of Big Data

Big Data refers to a bigger volume of both structured and unstructured data, which is used effectively to derive actionable insights. Data was there always, but in the case of big data, the volume of data in scope is really massive, and is it impossible to process it using the conventional data management methods.

Based on the studies, now it is about 2.5 quintillion bytes of structured and unstructured data produced on a daily basis. Again as per the prediction of data experts, nearly 40 zettabytes data may be there by the year 2010 produced each day. With this, we can see that big data is there everywhere now and shaping the web world and influencing the ways how people do business.

Big data in web design

By leveraging the benefits of big data, businesses can now easily create web designs which are data-driven by understanding the exact user requirements and preferences. More importantly, the data-driven design is not just restricted to its functionality or visual appearance, but it takes a more streamlined approach to web design in a highly functional and user-friendly manner. It can highly influence how a design firm gains more leads and traffic through their web pages. It is also found that the businesses which use a data-driven design approach make more results in terms of their ROI.

Further, we will discuss 5 ways through which big data is helping to improve conventional web designers.

1. For the analysis of user heat maps

The usage of heat map tools will let the designers or website planners monitor the website content effectively and act on time to fulfill the needs. Appropriate heat maps can exactly measure where and how the visitor’s move on the internet and what all approaches will help to drag in the user attention. Such a mapping can also show what should be skipped and what to keep. Overall, data analysis will help you to effectively track the performance of your existing website in real-time and do the fine-tuning of it.

The marketers can realize the content which is well-performing and which is not. You can effectively change the nonperforming content by utilizing the space for something more productive and attractive. So, the use of big data analytics in heat map analysis can help you keep more SEO-friendly and user-centered content on your web pages. For example, if your website users are not spending enough time to click on the call-to-action button, then you need to rework on it to improve the scope of user click on it.

2. Data for analyzing traffic

Traffic analysis is another wonderful tool which could give you a deeper understanding of whether your website is appealing to the users or not. This can have a huge impact on your web traffic and sales. Doing big data analysis will show you which all elements of your site are more engaging and which are not. You can identify the areas which need improvement and work more on those. By analyzing the traffic, you can also compare it with the traffic on your competitor sites to identify where you lack.

Furthermore, big data users can also examine the page visits, views, average time on page, unique visitor, new user visits, the bounce rate on certain pages, etc. With a proper big data analytical process in place as leading NYC web design firm offers, you can get the real-time data and work on improvising the weak areas.

3. Using big data analytics to identify site search stats

Analytics related, so site search is a very common thing digital marketers use to get a clear inside view of the user needs and wants. By identifying what they are searching based on their needs, it becomes easier to set your content for target audience accordingly. You may also try to add a search box on your website to track what users are commonly searching for.

So, with the help of site search analytics, you may know that if the users search for specific content, but unable to find the same on your website, they tend to abandon your page and move on. Say, for example, if your user is searching for a long-tail keyword like “good digital marketing consulting firm in New York” and not finding any exact matches for the content on your blog or website content, then it’s time to upgrade the search box and avail the site search stats to work on.

4. Segmentation analysis for e-mail marketing

Along with web design, you need to focus on other aspects of website marketing also like email marketing. With the help of big data analytics, you can better design your e-mail designs too, by rightly focusing on the needs of the target audience. Properly segmented campaigns tend to get 14% more results than the generic campaigns, and messages shared to the right audience tend to get about 60% clicks compared to the campaigns which are non-segmented.

Alongside creating a good website, email marketing is also crucial for businesses to help generate more results. So, businesses are advised to use segmentation analysis tools to tailor-make your email based on user interests and preferences.

5. Inline testing

Inline testing can deliver reliable data and real-time information about the consumers, which can be used at each phase of web design and development to improvise the website quality. With the help of big data, you can easily deliver the results as the users need quickly to gain over the competitors.

For designers and developers, A/B testing could be a good testing model, which can bring a huge difference in your design and marketing campaigns. When done properly, A/B tests will help boost the conversions to 200%. This can further help you to test anything from page elements to marketing emails and enable to you achieve the best results.

Overall, big data is a powerful tool in terms of business Intelligence, which has a fair role in paying in terms of modern-day web design and development too. However, for the designers planning leverage the benefit of big data, they need to have a solid understanding of its concepts too in order to stay ahead in the tight competition.

Article Written by:
Isabella Rossellini

More about Salesforce Sandboxes and Development on Lightening Platform

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If you are a beginner in Salesforce or a pro who wants to explore more features of these ever-involving platforms, it essential to know the updates and get used to it to reap out of the best from Salesforce development. Thing is not only easier, but also effective for those who know in-depth about the Salesforce editions and various concepts of each.

Most of the time, it may not be the technology, but the jargon terms that may be confusing to you. In this series of articles, we will discuss the Salesforce terminology, and here we will discuss in more detail about the Salesforce Editions and Salesforce Sandboxes.

Different editions

For those who are planning to adopt Salesforce, it is important to choose the right edition. There is a custom set of features in each edition, and various industries can choose the apt solution based on their requirements. Now, there are about seven editions available as below.

  • Personal Edition, Enterprise Edition, Contact Manager Edition, Developer Edition, Group Edition, Professional Edition, and Unlimited Edition.

For the users new to Salesforce, it is critical to choose the most appropriate edition with the most needed features in order to perform well. You can check the title to see which version is open for you.

The users of Salesforce applications can identify a custom set of features that the users can choose for their organizational production box, and sandboxes are copies of this production box to perform the coding and testing of Salesforce apps.

Checking for the version

Here are two quick methods to check for the Salesforce version you are using.

  1. Simply bring the mouse over to the browser window of the Salesforce tab. The edition will be displayed as a popup.
  2. Access the Setup Page by going to Salesforce settings, which will show the version. To do this, go to the homepage of the Administrator Account > go to User Name > click on Setup.


Choosing an edition is important and so as knowing the features of Salesforce and using them appropriately. One of the top features every Salesforce users must know is ‘Salesforce Sandboxes,’ which let the users to custom create multiple copies of your application in different settings for different purposes. Sandboxes can be used for developing, training, and testing the technical modules. Even though it is possible otherwise, with the use of Sandboxes, there is no compromise made on the live data or application of your production orgs. These true copies are called sandboxes, which stay identical to the production org. As of late, there are 4 types of sandboxes. These are:

  1. Developer sandbox

This is an ideal sandbox configuration, which is meant for testing and coding Salesforce applications. There is a limit for data and storage capacity, both to 200 MG.

  1. Developer Pro

This is the unique sandbox that allows customized configurations of coding and testing for a wide range of purposes. This sandbox is ideal for individual developers. It also has bigger data as 1 GB and an additional 1 GB storage too. This also seems like Developer sandbox; however, the Pro version has higher at the limit and also more storage.

  1. Group Edition

As the name suggests, Group Edition Sandboxes serve a higher purpose of grouping the development and testing in a team development environment.

  1. Full Sandbox

This is actually the true copy of a development environment that consists of all the data and application schema. It contains the same data limit and storage as like production sandbox.

  1. Partial Copy

Partial Copy means it contains the same schema as of production box with all the dashboards, objects, documents, reports, etc. The limit for it is of 5 GB data, and it also offers 5 GB storage space. A partial copy is also meant for occasional uses like business or technical needs. As it revolves around data subsets and schema, it may need a standard sandbox template that can outline the data sets.

Any users can create sandboxes for copying metadata or to do testing of the orgs. It is possible to create Sandboxes for both Classic and Lightning versions of the Salesforce suite. As done by, this same feature is applicable for Unlimited, Professional, Performance,, and Enterprise editions too.

Salesforce Lightning Platform

The primary need for any online business or individual promoter is to have a good website. When it comes to establishing a business over the web, there is intense competition and higher-level challenges. Salesforce offers many customized options to create websites and run them effectively. You can see many sites available on the internet lately. With the Salesforce site development approach, there is no need for the users to bother about running data centers or host servers. With this, the need to maintain many software applications also gets eradicated. You may also find that building is much easier and faster in terms of cost, and it can also cut the cost to half than conventional software development practices. website building

Some of the basic areas to keep an eye on building websites on the platform are as below.

  • Always ensure that you publish only finished content while making it available on a public domain.
  • Before publishing, you need to test your new site for all users and functional aspects. Even if you find the website performing well for a set of users, it may not be so for another set. Make sure that your website is tested for all available browsers and offer a unique experience among various platforms.
  • On the other hand, comes with many limitations too. Ensure that you are knowledgeable about these limitations to make sure that the user experience is not complicated. You may also refer to the Salesforce trailheads and user policies to gain more info.
  • Also, consider the influencer design models, which can be so effective in multiple database management. You need to ensure the retrieval of proper information. Here, the key is proper designing of the schema and careful querying.

By leveraging all these benefits, the Salesforce Lightning Platform could be your ideal one-stop-shop partner for all sorts of developmental needs.

Article Written by:
Sujain Thomas

Top Benefits of Security Awareness in Your Business

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The security-training awareness program is the lifeline of your business. That is because data theft, online frauds, and pilferage of funds are common nowadays. Therefore, sans any training and awareness programs, your staff could end up committing serious blunders, especially when it comes to business transactions and dealings on the internet. These training sessions help in influencing staff behavior, reduce financial threats, and ensure conformity. Yes, there are many benefits of implementing security awareness programs in your organization.

When it comes to security compliance in companies nowadays, the rules, guidelines, and regulations are complicated than ever. That is because businesses produce loads of data, around 2.5 quintillion bytes of information per day. Now, that is not a small figure. Again, there are a growing number of internet hackers, who use sophisticated methods to steal personal and financial data of businesses and customers. You all have heard about ransomware attack and the damage it did to companies worldwide. All these aspects dictate the requirement for security training and awareness in companies, big and small. There is a significant difference between ransomware threats and general security issues. 

According to an article published on, about 50 percent of cyber hackers prey on small-sized companies with less than 250 staff in their payroll. Therefore, there is no belittling the perquisites of security awareness training. Here are the top benefits of the same:

Preventing security threats

The obvious benefit is the prevention of security threats to your company. Though it may sound too understandable, you cannot ignore the importance of the same. Then, it is not possible to quantify how many breaches you can prevent when you have an awareness program in place; the process comes with its benefits.

Businesses often run a controlled trial and error test in which the total number of staff is divided into two key groups. One is the control group and the other is the test group. The test group is provided training on security software but not the control group. Once that is completed, the two groups are compared.

There are problems and challenges but that does not imply advanced security awareness training cannot shower benefits. You can gauge the occurrence and prevention of breaches and threats before and after an awareness program. These initiatives matter a lot in modern business operations to prevent financial frauds and security threats.

It is true that the cost of security breaches is more, but you need to take measures to prevent the same in the future. To be candid, awareness-training programs are comparatively less expensive than outsourcing the entire IT security responsibilities to another external team. If you have an in-house IT department with trained security experts, there is nothing like it. Prevention of frauds is imperative for websites like to offer loans to their customers. It will help in protecting their data as well as the data of the borrowers to take out consolidated loans.

Making technological methods more powerful than ever

When it comes to technological methods, they are robust ways to avert security threats and breaches. However, technological resistances call for more input from the users. You need to turn on firewalls, acknowledge security warnings, and make upgrades related to software applications.

No company can operate without technological tools and applications if they want to prevent cyber attacks from damaging their computer systems and stealing confidential data. Therefore, you need security training to fulfill the goals of technological defense tools.

Cyber hackers today do not use technology to infiltrate PCs or tamper with data; they target people within the organization, who have easy access to a company’s protected networks. That is why you need security awareness programs in your organization to motivate people to protect the company’s digital assets and data from fraudsters. It acts as a morale booster for your staff.

Develops a healthy company culture

Your company should have a culture of information safety and security across all departments. It is also the holy grail of chief information security officers. In addition, the culture is not that hard to nurture and maintain in an organization. It is one of the best ways to instill a sense of data security in the company, thus heading in the right direction.

Modern security awareness programs understand the significance of safe company culture and take the right steps to prevent online threats, password leaks, customer data theft, business funds pilferage, and things like that. These things matter in protecting your business from hackers and online threats. Once the training programs are implemented, it is necessary to monitor the success and failure of the same. It’s done over the years.

Monitoring the cultural indicators, advanced-security training platforms assist security experts in the company to keep watch, maintain, and build a culture of organizational security, making their staff proactive in detecting security breaches and threats.

Training means communication and imparting knowledge, which is essential in the prevention of security breaches in your company. It is more important to focus on the cultural foundations of the organization. With regular training, your staff cultivates better habits and habits become second nature in no time.

You can also take your awareness programs to the next level with the use of regular security mails, compliance booklets, and posters to retain the security culture of your organization.

Winning customer confidence

Security awareness programs help to build customer trust. Yes, they realize that your business cares about data security and protects their confidential information. Companies that do not have security awareness measures in place, often lose the confidence of their clients. It is not any fiction, but fact.

With awareness programs, you can win more contracts with new clients and retain the existing ones. Studies show that customers value companies that have succeeded in achieving a documented cyber security standard and quality. Therefore, security awareness programs matter to clients and companies too due to increased incidents of cyber security threats and breaches.


Now that you know about the benefits of security awareness programs, implement the same to protect your business and client data.

Article Written by:
Isabella Rossellini