Design Techniques That Will Make And Instagram Ad Stand Out

Design Techniques That Will Make And Instagram Ad Stand Out

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If you know the design techniques of an Instagram Ad, you can design an ad that will stand out, even if you have never designed any such ads before. All you have to remember is that the ad should be liked by the hundreds of millions of users, each having different choices and preferences.

With more than 80 million photos shared daily and over 3.5 billion likes per day, it is not an easy task to keep up to the expectations of such a large, highly engaged and very influential community.

  • Moreover, about 53% of users follow their favorite brands on Instagram and more than 44% of them use this platform to research on various products.
  • 70% of the Instagram users are under 35 years of age thereby making it a perfect platform for businesses to reach out to a young and growing audience.

Using the universal language of images, Instagram has started rolling out Sponsored Ads. This has given the marketers an opportunity to drive more followers from such a highly engaged audience. You will need to create relevant product pages that will align with your brand message and image outside the settings of Instagram.

About sponsored ads

The Sponsored Ads may look like any ordinary Instagram posts that includes a photo or a video but it comes with a blue tag that indicates that the ad is “sponsored.”

  • This tag is located at the top right-hand corner
  • It can be seen from an account that you do not follow already.

Research shows that this new digital advertising has the potential to make a brand more interacting and interesting for the followers. This is however not done from the perspective of product promotion but from the point of view of lifestyle promotion.

If you want to design a successful Instagram ad you will need to input two basic and important elements. These are:

  • Inspiration: This is what will make the viewers stop and look at your ad while scrolling down the feed and
  • Information: This is what will drive the viewers to take an action and even make a buying decision.

When you combine these two basic elements properly, it will create an influential duo that will fit in seamlessly with the character of Instagram.

You can even use free design applications to give your own look to the ads just as you see when you visit sites such as or others. These apps will allow you to use different useful and beautiful templates and help you to design your ads that will look more professional in minutes.

The design tips and techniques

There are specific tips and techniques to follow when you create your own Instagram ad. These are:

Composition: You must think about the best composition while creating such an ad.

  • Always showcase people in real-life situations and objects that those people can easily relate to.
  • Make sure that in the beginning you follow the rule of thirds which is one of the fundamentals of creating such an ad.
  • Focus on a natural tendency of the human eye that is more strongly drawn towards specific areas of an image.
  • Follow the idea of breaking the image into three parts horizontally and vertically so that you have nine parts.
  • Place the point of interest whether it is a person or any object in the intersection or along the lines.

This will make the overall composition look more professional. Well, this is just an example and not mandatory. You can be as creative as you can and experiment with different things on your own to find out the best composition.

Focal point: Find out and stick to a specific focal point when you design the ad. This is very important because you will only get a few seconds to grab the attention of the viewers. In order to do this, you must:

  • Avoid complex and busy images
  • Use ones that have one or two places where you want to focus and direct the attention of the viewers and   
  • Be very clear with your intent.

If you have more products to advertise make sure that you do not place them all in one ad. Instead, dedicate each ad to a particular product.

Moreover, if you have any text to include in the ad make sure that it is relevant to the specific product and also try place in in such a way that it compliments with the main focal point of the image in the right way.

Lastly, keep the number of fonts to one or two at the maximum and make it a point that you use it unswervingly on all your posts.

Perspective: You must also make it a point to create an intimate perspective of the ad so that it creates a better engagement. Make sure that the perspective:

  • Places the viewers in the setting
  • Creates a more intimate atmosphere
  • Enables the viewers to visualize in a better way and
  • Allows them know how it is like to use your product.

Everything should be at a location that is in accordance to the overall brand experience and relevant to it.

You will be better off in your design if you emphasize the photo with your message. Also make sure that the text is legible and clear with perfect contrast of the colour of the font with the colour of the background. You can also use one of the most suitable Content Creator sticker templates to give the text a great background in case the image has too many details or ‘busy.’

To sum it up

Finally, focus on the logo but do not be too aggressive with it. Consider the nuances of Instagram so that the logo does not overshadow the content. Also use the power of color and contrast making the right combination so that it attracts attention and at the same time makes the text easier to read.

Most importantly, you should pay attention to the consistency of the ad which is one of the most important factors to create a great Sponsored Ad.

Article Written by:
Walter Moore

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