Simple trick to use web browsers as Text editor

Simple trick to use web browsers as Text editor

We all use notepad as the simple text editor. Here is a simple and interesting trick to use your web browser as a text editor.  You can use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as a simple text editor like notepad and this trick works on all web browsers.

Once your web browser changed to a text editor, you can bookmark the page just like any web pages. At anytime when you use web browser, you can simply open this bookmark in a new tab and start typing.

How To Do ?

1 Copy below code in browser Url Section

data:text/html, <html contenteditable>

2. Now Press Enter.
3. Now you can type anything as would do on any other text editor like Notepad.

4. To save your text file Press Ctrl + S and save it as anything.txt (.txt is must).

You are done!

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