Super hiding files using command prompt

Super hiding files using command prompt

Super hidden files are not visible to users even if the visibility of hidden files are enabled. You can make a hidden system file using cmd and usually common people does not go for changing settings to enable visibility for system files. This method simply hides your files.


1. Open command prompt with elevated privileges (ie, right click on it and run as administrator) and type the below code

attrib +h +s

“h” is for hiding and “s” is for making it as system file.

2. Copy the file location and paste it in the command prompt.
Hint: Right click and take properties of the file. There you will get its location

Here location of the folder “photos” is D:\Documents\College


3. Now, copy the location right click and choose paste to paste it in the Command prompt.

You have to add \photos at the end of above location to point to original folder as below



4. Hit enter. Now your folder is super hided!

You can hide specific images, documents etc by this method. for that you should use its extension at the end like imagename.jpg

How to unhide?
Its simple. Just change “+” with “-” in the above code as shown below

attrib +h +s D:\Documents\College\photos

This method doesnot hide your folder completely. To view this superhidden files, untick the option “Hide protected operating system files” from folder options.

Reveal hidden password behind Asterisks in any web browser without any software

In many places where you need to input your password to gain access, authorize or confirm a transaction, whenever you type passwords into the input text box, the characters automatically turns into asterisks or bullets which won’t allow any third person (even you) to read the original typed password. But, what if you want to reveal the string behind the asterisks? Here is the simple technique that works almost all latest web browsers


1. Right Click in the password field and select Inspect Element as shown below


2. In the window appear (Internet Explorer’s window is shown below), double click on the part that says

type=”password and change to “text” instead of “password” and hit enter.


Done! The dots in the password is changed to visible text.


The change are temporary. It doesn’t compromise your security. Once you refresh the page, the changes will be reverted.