How to unlock and view Facebook profile picture in full size

How to unlock and view Facebook profile picture in full size

Facebook is allowing users for the option to lock full size view of profile picture from public. It can also possible to lock full size view from friends by changing privacy to “Only Me”.

Its easy to find whether profile picture is locked for full size. Simply mouse over the profile picture, the cursor will change to “hand”. Now click to see full size image. If it is locked, there will be no change in cursor. Even we right click and take image location URL and open it in a new tab, we will not get its actual size.

There are few browser applications to unlock and view profile pictures in their original size. We need install those apps.
But the following simple trick will unlock its size limitation and helps to view in full size. This method does not need to install any apps.


1. Open the profile of the person whose profile picture you want to see in its original size.

2. Right click and copy its image URL

3. Take a new tab and paste it in the address bar. The URL will look like this

4. Now remove the red coloured code from the URL and hit enter


Now you will see the full sized image of the profile picture

Note: The above URL is just for demo and will not work. It doesn’t belongs to any existing Fb profile

Reveal hidden password behind Asterisks in any web browser without any software

In many places where you need to input your password to gain access, authorize or confirm a transaction, whenever you type passwords into the input text box, the characters automatically turns into asterisks or bullets which won’t allow any third person (even you) to read the original typed password. But, what if you want to reveal the string behind the asterisks? Here is the simple technique that works almost all latest web browsers


1. Right Click in the password field and select Inspect Element as shown below


2. In the window appear (Internet Explorer’s window is shown below), double click on the part that says

type=”password and change to “text” instead of “password” and hit enter.


Done! The dots in the password is changed to visible text.


The change are temporary. It doesn’t compromise your security. Once you refresh the page, the changes will be reverted.