X’mas Friend Finder

You can use this simple application to find your X’mas friend in your school, college, office etc. The only requirement is all participant has a number to identify them. Before using this application to find your friend, go to settings and set the total participants number. In case if any number hast to be excluded, you can add the participant number on settings window before start.




  1. Run the application and open settings window.
  2. Put total participants number and click apply.
  3. Put participants number to be excluded, if any.
  4. Close the settings window.
  5. Now the the “X’mas Friend Finder” is ready to find your friend randomly.
    Each participant has to enter his participant number and then click “Find My Friend” button. You will get a beep sound and your X’mas friend’s number will be choosed randomly and displayed for 3sec. The status will be displayed at bottom.

Note: The numbers are not stored permanently. So, once you close the window, all the above steps have to be repeated. You can close and open “X’mas Friend Finder” to reset all settings.


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