Secrets of Website Traffic Generators: How They Help You?

Secrets of Website Traffic Generators: How They Help You?

Traffic is the blood cell of a website. Without traffic website is dead. The modern world is hosting business in Online and the success factor depends on how much traffic they receive. Large number of online and offline services available for delivering high quality traffic. Here we discuss how Traffic Generator tools help to deliver traffic, how do they help to improve site rank and how much they can help your business.

Website Traffic Types & Quality

Website Traffic generators basically generate traffic to your website. Traffic can be generally classified as 2 types of traffic

  1. Direct – these kinds of traffic are generated when user directly enter the website address/URL in the address bar of a web browser
  2. Organic – these kinds of traffic are generated as a result of search engine query or by the link click from other websites (referral traffics). Please note some analytic tools (eg: Google Analytics) may classify referral traffic separately. Campaign traffic also belongs to Organic traffic.

A website can get only these 2 kinds of traffic. Now the question is which one is good for website ranking. Obviously organic traffic is preferred for website ranking. It does not mean 100% organic traffic is required, but a good site will always have more than 70% organic traffic. As the name indicates, organic traffics are considered as real traffic generated by human and direct traffic is mostly generated by bots. There are few other things, called as traffic characteristics that are looking for website rankings and they are listed below.

  • Page views (by organic traffic)
  • Sessions (long session duration)
  • Bounce rates (low bounce rates)
  • Access locations (Geo location/IP)
  • Platforms (Windows, Linux etc.)
  • Devices (Desktop, iPad, mobile phone etc.)
  • Web browsers (IE, Firefox, Google Chrome etc.)
  • Keywords and referrals (traffic from search engines and other websites)

How does fake traffic is detected?

A fake traffic is easily detectable if the traffic characteristics are same or they contain identifiable information. Every traffic received at web server side has certain characteristics like source IP, device used, web browser, browser version, OS, OS version & architecture etc. Suppose you make a web page to refresh 10 times from a browser, all the above characteristics are same. It means you are creating unwanted traffic to your website and the site rankers give you negative voting. But if you can make these characteristics different at each time, yes you created real traffic! Because if the traffic has the characteristics of real traffic, there is no way to understand it is generated by a software or not.

How does Website Traffic Generators Work?

A good website traffic generator can create different traffic characteristics and can make it as coming from various sources. Sometimes it is required to make the characteristics same for a while for adding highly required traffic quality determining factors like sessions, bounce rate etc. An intelligent traffic generator could do this by it’s switching capability. Since each website is for different purpose and your traffic requirement also varies, you need to manually change the traffic characteristics and switching options.

The most common doubt is from where the traffic is generated? Is it really from your network or somewhere else? The answer is from your own network. That is your own network bandwidth is used and it doesn’t mean your IP is exposed always. When we consider changing geol0cation factor in traffic generators, the traffic source IP will be different, which can be achieved by using proxy IPs or VPNs. You know traffic from different locations (IPs) are important factor for site ranking and SEO. Since your own bandwidth is used here, a high speed connection can do work better. However, a normal internet connection is only required for working of traffic generators.

What is a good website traffic generator?

A good traffic generator is the one that can make lot of traffic from various locations of the world like people are visiting your website continuously. It requires the software should have options to change all ranking features (traffic characteristics) listed above with switching features.

Are traffic generators detectable?

If you use free and random tools available in the internet, most of them would be detectable and can affect your website ranking. When we browse website, there is an HTTP request-response process happens in the back-end. Multiple intermediate request-responses also occurs if you visit a single website. The characteristics of these request and response is used to identify the traffic is fake or real.  There will be always difference for such traffic using a web browser and low standard traffic generator tools. They will not have intermediate request and responses and hence they are easy to create. They only show the traffic is received (ie the page views) and it will not have other characteristic like sessions. If you have ever searched for traffic generators, you would definitely have watched videos showing thousands of traffic receiving within seconds. They are ofcourse these kind of poor tools, which can seriously affect your website reputation.

“No traffic generators can make thousands of traffics instantly by keeping the quality of traffic.”

Since geolocation is an unavoidable factor in site ranking, most of the website traffic generators would be using proxy IPs. There are few things you should consider while using proxy as proxy traffic one of the main thing to detect fake traffic. Proxy IPs of various locations are freely available over internet, also you can purchase them if needed. There are mainly 3 types of proxy IPs are available, which are classified based on their anonymity.

  1. Transparent – the web server can understand you are behind a proxy and it can also know your real IP. Transparent proxies are recommended to avoid.
  2. Anonymous – anonymous proxy server is detectable revealing that you are using a proxy server, but your IP is not exposed. Anonymous proxy is more recommended than transparent proxies.
  3. Elite – these are high Anonymous Proxies. The web server can’t detect whether you are using a proxy and appear the traffic is really coming from different location. Elite proxies are highly recommended.


Website traffic generators are highly helpful in ranking, SEO and to bring your website to the front pages of Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). There are a lot of cheap traffic generator tools available in internet, most of them are not aligning with traffic quality factors and can seriously affect website reputation. Always better to use website traffic generator tools which has the options to customize and switch traffic characteristics rather than looking for a tool having thousands of instant traffic. New generation website traffic generators have the features of handling sessions, bounce rates, traffic engines etc.